Remodel Your Family Home Safely

During any kind of home renovation, safety is a priority; however, keeping children safe during the reconstruction of the home in which they’re living is not as simple as may be expected. The fact that children are naturally curious makes anything new and interesting an invitation for exploration. A child’s curiosity will generally override any sense of danger.

Adjust The Habits Of The Home

A major challenge for kids during a home renovation is having to change the way in which they use their home. This is particularly difficult when the remodelling work is taking place in a room they use frequently, such as the living room, bathroom or kitchen.

It is essential for parents to put in place clear and obvious reminders for their children to stay out of the affected areas. Signs, plastic sheeting and other physical barriers can help if it is not possible to actually lock the doors.

Clear The Air

Parents need to take into account the fact that a large remodelling project in the home will cause the air to be filled with particulates and dust. With an increasing number of both adults and children suffering from asthma and allergies, it is important to address this challenge.

Keep Tools Out Of Reach

When you consider the number of sliders to move and buttons to push, with funny noises, colorful lights and moving parts, imagine seeing the average power tool from a young child’s point of view!

Be Familiar With The Hazards Of Unfinished Areas

After the workers have left, and tools are all stored away, an unfinished area still poses many dangers and risks.

Keep Everyone Out Of The Workers’ Path

Small children sharing space with workers poses danger to both the children and the workers.

It is also important to take precautions regarding small children and open doors. When workers are moving large items in or out of the home, they will be likely to leave doors open behind them. This means that if a small child is left unattended, they may easily leave the house without being noticed.

Be aware of Toxic Substances

Many older homes were built using methods and materials that have now been found to be hazardous to health such as lead paint and asbestos. If you are breaking down any walls, ceilings, roofing or fencing – make sure you have a good look at the materials, if they look like asbestos, then your best bet is to call asbestos removal in Sydney and have the area cleared for any asbestos.

Managing Waste

Apart from sharp objects, containers that have held chemicals, even once empty, still pose a danger due to the toxic chemical residue. It is crucial and parents ensure that all waste is contained and out of reach of their children. There is special bins you can get that are designed to keep children out.

Be Aware Of Allergies

Apart from the particulates and dust generated by the work being done, some people may have allergies to some of the chemicals and materials being used in the remodelling job. Make sure if your kids bring any friends over that you ask the parents about any allergies they may have.

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer


During the summer months we all tend to spend more time outdoors. The perfect backyard can be a relaxing sanctuary that can make your outdoors activities all the more fun and enjoyable! Don’t miss out on any opportunity to make your backyard an even more pleasant area for your family and friends. With so many options available, it’s often difficult to decide which options to go for; one way to decide is by looking at the season’s most popular trends. These 4 summer trends will help you make the most of the fantastic weather!

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a huge hit this summer! Whether you’re willing to invest in building a full, complete extension to your house, or would like to keep it simple and create a convenient window and get an outdoor fridge for cold drinks – how you do it is entirely up to you! The main idea here is to create a convenient, comfortable area where you’re able to enjoy a meal outdoors, entertain guests and host parties or barbecues! Looking through landscaping catalogues and searching online can give you a good idea of what’s available out there, and help you choose something perfect for your home style and requirements!


If you’re unwilling to invest in a full outdoor kitchen, gazebos can be great places to enjoy casual outdoor meals too! Not only do they provide much needed shade from the hot sun, they can also be incredibly detailed and add aesthetic value to your entire backyard! They are generally more affordable than outdoor kitchens, while still providing many of the same benefits. With the right lighting and background, these timeless structures (dating back to the 18th century)  can offer countless fantastic photo opportunities and help create a great atmosphere at an intimate party! Gazebos are great for social events and for children to play in, but can also be the perfect quiet spots for you to have some personal time without being shut away in your room!


Outdoor Showers

If you love the idea of cooling off with some cold water in the scorching afternoon heat, but are not willing to invest in a pool, fountain, or any other relatively expensive water feature – outdoor showers are the way to go! They’re incredibly easy to install, most plumbing suppliers offer simple outdoor shower kits, and you can also find them readily available at various online stores. They can be the source of much fun and excitement for young children and adults alike! Outdoor showers also allow for an easy way for children to clean up after a messy outdoor playtime session without bringing in tonnes of dirt indoors – saving you countless hours of cleaning up!

Fire Pits

If there aren’t any laws against fire pits in your area, this feature can provide endless entertainment opportunities for your family and friends! Roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories by the firelight does not have to be restricted to Halloween! Fire pits also create a camp-site feel to your backyard, and with the right equipment, sleeping outdoors could be a real possibility with this feature! Make sure you always follow all the necessary safety regulations and extinguish the fire carefully.

Each of these trends can come in countless designs and styles – choose carefully and make sure that whatever you decide on fits well with your backyard landscaping plan, as well as with the rest of your house! Enjoy the summer with these great features that will provide countless of entertaining opportunities for you and your family and friends!